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A small  city on the southern banks of the  noble Kali River in the southern state of Karnataka is profoundly called the ‘ Adventure Capital of Dandeli sits in the rugged trails of Western ghats and presents tranquillity and chaotic pleasure. Every wanderlust gets to  witness every futile wish being fulfilled then in the Dandeli camping scenic Western Mountain ranges embraced with untouched beauty and fascinating nature, and the holy mama  Dandeli drinks  you with her open arms.  


originally, we’ve the Sathodi falls which is  veritably famously the Mini Niagara Falls, which  intriguingly is a kilometre  trip from Dandeli. These  noble cascades are straight out of a fantasy novel with its scenic beauty covered and  persisted on the treacherous Western Ghats. The Sathodi falls are a  graphic  blockish shaped cascade that fall in two divisions giving a steep godly water of the Kali River. 

The water falls from a height of 15m, forming a pool beneath. It is  nearly  unsolvable to reach the Sathodi falls of the intricate connection of jumble of  jewels. But when looked closer, between the false trails,  thick  backwoods and rocky terrain, there are prominent this nature of the Sathodi Falls  . There are smaller people sitting in the cascade. The water inflow is due to the union of  numerous gutters that flow to Kallarmane Ghats of Western Ghats where the Dandeli is located. The water that forms the  falls, flows into the swash Kali through the levee Kodasalli. The cascade is  set up amidst the Ghats and the evergreen  timbers that bring out the raw  uproariously of the marvellous  falls. 

The  conformations of  gemstone around the  falls of Sathodi forms a natural  quadrangle of the pristine presence that has a bountiful  verdure with the demitasse athwart below. The water flows into the cascade  each around the time as it’s being fed by multiple  feeders the cascade is always swamped with water. The Sathodi Falls is the  personification of natural beauty in its pristine form that’s  respected by  numerous but not approached by only a many due to its jumble of  jewels. The water body formed below is stylish to take a dip. Only the brave who seek the cascade get to enjoy the cool waters and swim in its  uproariously whilst  passing the calmness of the clear waters in the silence of its devoted beauty.  


grottoes Located in the heart of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Kavala grottoes are formed by  stormy  exertion  periods back and are  positioned deep with- in the  timber. It’s one of the prominent  sightseer places in Dandeli. It’s believed that these  grottoes  have been in actuality since the  neolithic times. Also known as Limestone grottoes or Sidda, these  grottoes  are  veritably small in dimension and have a lot of stalagmite  conformations. 

At some places the opening gets  lower and callers need to crawl through. Callers need to climb down 375 ways to reach the  delve entrance. There’s a  tabernacle at the entrance of the delve . One has to crawl down 40 bases through winding, narrow coverts to see the Shivling formed naturally. The narrow passage is dark and callers may have to carry an arsonist or use the candles vended there. Bulbs are lit only during Shivaratri when thousands of addicts visit the  grottoes . The limestone  grottoes  are located around 25 km outside from the base camp of Dandeli. These  grottoes  are believed to be formed as the result of  stormy activities over time. The  grottoes  are deep inside the  timbers. 

The  delve  has  numerous stalagmite  conformations. The pungent smell of  batons is also present inside the  grottoes . One of the stalagmites  set up inside depicts the shape of Shivalinga, where  numerous addicts come to light their sacrificial fires then on Shivarathri. The  delve  is lit with candles, yet carrying an arsonist along would be  judicious. The  touring back to the top is also  relatively  enterprising. The Shivalinga is about 4  bases high and has a periphery of  roughly 3- 4  bases.  


 it’s a bird watcher’s paradise,  casing nearly 200 species of  catcalls,  utmost  notorious and one of the rarest species- the great hornbill( great Indian hornbill or great  spotted hornbill) and the Malabar pied hornbill. It’s also the only known barracuda reserve in India to report frequent sightings of the  fugitive black  catamount. It’s also known to have the Indian idleness bear, the Indian pangolin, the giant Malabar squirrel, dhole, the Indian jackal and the muntjac( barking deer). Sightings of the Indian  giant and the Indian peafowl are enough common. The king cobra and the bushwhacker crocodile( Indian crocodile) are the  high reptilians in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.   


Located at a distance of 25 km from the main  city of Dandeli, one of the biggest highlights of this peak is that it’s the loftiest point in the entire Uttara Kannada Region. Popular among both pedestrians and regular excursionists  likewise, one thing that makes the Shiroli Peak  similar popular  sightseer  lodestones  are the stunning views of the  girding mountains of the Sahyadri Range that it offers. Callers can travel to this place after taking  authorization from the  timber department. Owing to its elevation, it’s a favourite with pedestrians and nature  suckers.   PARAMPARA lodges After the long and tiresome hike that you have been through, you only earn to stay in the coddling  lodges of the Parampara. the Parampara Cottage is a majestic little  cabin that look like glazed honeycombs in the dead silence of the green timbers of Dandeli hills. These beautiful  cabin in  veritably comfortable and affordable. 


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