June 13, 2024
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DPET to Php

DPET to Php

The blockchain-based virtual pet game My Defi Pet, or DPET, is based on lifestyle. Kardia Chain and Binance Smart Chain have supported networks on which the platform runs. The game requires a one-time payment from the player before they can start playing. Once that’s done, players can trade their NFT pets for cash in the NFT Marketplace. Along with these options, players can enhance the attributes of their pets, participate in fight competitions, and win prizes. Below you can see about My Defi Pet game and how to earn money with your NFT pets:

What is My Defi Pet game?

A cryptocurrency pet simulation game called My Defi Pet. In this game, the idea of NFT collectibles is combined with player personalities and Defi. The game’s actions include breeding, trading, socializing, collecting, evolving, and battling pets.

Although users can engage in various activities, trading and pet breeding are the most popular among players. The products and pets in My Defi Pets are NFTs. It is possible to breed animals to create new, distinctive animals.

Additionally, the item can be used to strengthen pets for combat by giving them the item. The pets are not interchangeable because each NFT pet is unique, it should be noted. Players can sell, trade, and buy their NFT monsters at auction to make money.

How to play My Defi Pet game?

Participating in tasks and events allows players to progress through the game. By doing this, they acquire NFTs for DPET tokens. They can trade DPET tokens on exchanges and NFTs on NFT markets. Adding Binance Smart Chain to their Meta Mask wallets allows players to start playing the game. Afterward, they must purchase BNB. Converting the DPET to Php will help you trade with the coin you earn while playing.

Several thrilling actions and occasions are included in the game mechanics. Some activities involve gathering pets, breeding them to make them stronger for battles, and engaging in combat with other players. To advance in the game, players must frequently use DPET tokens to increase the features of their dogs. In this manner, they can triumph in conflicts, seasons, and other occasions.

Ranking, trading, and social elements are examples of game economics. Players require game equipment such as the MetaMask, DPET, BNB tokens, and the Binance Smart Chain or KardiaChain wallet.

How to earn money with your NFT pets

The game requires an initial deposit from players before they can start playing. Following that, users can make money by selling or buying NFT pets in the NFT Marketplace. They can also enhance their dogs’ traits, participate in fight competitions, and win prizes. Additionally, gamers can cash out their earned incentives like DPET tokens when they accomplish objectives and seasonal events. Players can also direct their dogs to search for DPET tokens they can exchange for real money. The exchanges allow users can convert their tokens by DPET to Php.

Parting words

Thus the above detailed about My Defi Pet game and how to earn money with your NFT pets. DPET Tokens can be used to purchase eggs, and an in-game market allows players to summon new random pets. The winner of the auction will finally receive the pet.

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