July 16, 2024

Here’s How You Can Handle Your Car’s Tyre Blowout

One of the worst situations you can encounter while driving is a tyre blowout. When a car is running at high RPMs, especially on the highway, it could be disastrous.

There should be sufficient knowledge of ifs and buts of a tyre blowout, keeping in mind the sensitivity of the incident. Though taking measures to avoid a tyre blowout is itself a different discussion. You should try to avoid such a terrible occurrence if possible. But if it happens, what can you do? This discussion focuses on handling a tyre blowout properly.

How do you know about a tyre blowout?

When a tyre blows, it bursts completely with a large crack. However, it might burst gradually or suddenly. In most cases, a tyre blasts with a boom sound. When air is rapidly released from the tyre, a sharp noise of air leakage may be heard. When a tyre loses its entire air content, it flips because it becomes inflated.

A front tyre blast, on the other hand, usually shakes your vehicle’s steering, whereas a rear one shakes the car’s body.

These are common causes of such an occurrence.

1. Usually, worn-out tyres (those that have gone under the minimum tread depth) are always at risk of bursting.

2. Tyres are mostly under-inflated.

3. Tyres like those contain too much air pressure.

4. Not being aware of flat tyre while running it continuously

Additionally, external factors may make these conditions worse. For instance, such a tyre may be more likely to blow out on a hot summer day’s road. Potholes, stray nails, and other tyre-damaging road debris can all be dangerous.

How should you deal with a tyre blowout?

A tyre blowout always turns out to be an incident that usually creates panic. And this is the most important thing to deal with. Just stay stable and always try to control your vehicle. Besides, there are some standard steps to dealing with a sudden tyre blowout.

1. Always maintain a steady hold on the steering wheel when you feel any jerk due to a sudden blast. It is critical to maintain control of your vehicle in both cases, whether your front or rear tyre blows out.

2. Never try to jam on the brakes in response to the threat. Hard brakes can definitely make your vehicle go out of control.

3. Let your vehicle slow down gradually which can happen when you release the accelerator slowly.

4. Make proper adjustments so that you can still gain enough control of your vehicle to take it to the safer side of the road.

5. Use your emergency lights to keep you and others safe.

The next step would be a double check of safety amidst high speed cars. On a highway, vehicles cruise through at very high speeds, so it would be safer if you use reflective cones or triangles behind your car. Besides, you should also be mindful before stepping out of your car.

Next, it is always worth asking for roadside assistance on the road in such a situation. Service My car has been serving its customer even in the stiffest of situations.

Besides, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind. You should be mindful of your tyre usage, especially if you have a flat tyre on the road and are forced to drive a few miles. Consider this option safely because a new tyre could be resilient enough to bear the weight of a vehicle while it is low on air pressure due to leakage. But a worn-out tyre might not be so resilient and could put you in trouble.

Tubeless tyres are now common, particularly in newer vehicles. These tyres do not deflate immediately after a puncture you may discover this later. The tubeless tyres do not lose air pressure too quickly.

With these tubeless tyres, a driver can drive a car unconsciously for an extended period of time and at high speeds. This might be quite dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to your car’s tyres.

A flat tyre is always dangerous for your vehicle, but the Service My Car team is always ready to help.

Take preventative measures to avoid a tyre blowout.

There is no denying the severity of a tyre blow-out, but the good news is that you can avoid it with caution. Tyre blast is common in hot weather, particularly when tyres have been struggling with other issues such as under inflation, extensively worn-out tyres, and so on.

However, you can keep your car’s tyres intact with frequent inspection for any leakage, inflation, damage, etc. Besides, you should be careful about the weight your vehicle carries. It is always worth it to keep your vehicle running with proper wheel alignment. Running a vehicle with improper wheel alignment may hasten out-of-place wear and tear, particularly at corners.

With the assistance of Service My Car, you can ensure that your vehicle runs properly by having its wheels aligned. And if you need expert advice on tyre care, simply contact Service My Car. In case you own a mitsubishi car, and you are looking for a mitsubishi wheel alignment then we would like to recommend Service My Car to get the best wheel alignment service for your mitsubishi car in the town. Service My Car not only provides mitsubishi wheel alignment but also provides mitsubishi service, repair, engine repair, transmission repair and maintenance services.

You can book a car service or order a car repair on our website or app at any time.

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