May 20, 2024
Cryptocurrency Shiba inu

How many holders does shiba inu have?

shiba inu

Purchasing shiba was popular during the previous cryptocurrency bubble since the coin was affordable. It takes much less of a move to produce huge profits, so it was a straightforward approach to entice retail trading. Several of them enjoyed boasting about their shiba holdings because they frequently had high numbers associated with them. Shiba inu owners belong to a distinct breed. Being a community-based project, the shiba inu cryptocurrency first appeared in 2020 following the meteoric popularity of meme-based coins like Dogecoin. According to the project’s official website, it started as a decentralized meme token and developed into a thriving ecosystem. Let’s see how many holders shiba inu has:

How many shiba coins are there?

According to the creators, shiba’s one quadrillion token total supply was chosen to enable users to retain billions or trillions of tokens. This implies that the token’s value can stay considerably below $0.01 while producing significant returns for holders of many tokens. The creators of Ethereum sent the remaining 50% of the total number of shiba tokens after locking 50% of them to the Uniswap DEX. One top holder said they did not desire control over other cryptocurrency projects. They burnt 90% of their remaining shiba holding tokens before donating more than 50 trillion to the India covid-crypto relief fund.

In response to community requests to lower the number of coins in circulation, the shiba developers launched a coin-burning page on April 23. Holders of shiba tokens who choose to burn them are rewarded with RYOSHI tokens. Over eight billion shiba tokens were destroyed and withdrawn from circulation on the first day.

How many Shiba Inu holders are there?

According to CoinMarketCap, the number of persons who owned shiba increased steadily over the final three months of 2021. The token was present in over 865,000 different wallets as of 4th November. There would have been more than 1.13 million by January 26th, 2022. The following month also saw an increase, almost reaching 1.2 million holders.

With only 1.12 million investors possessing the meme token, shiba, on the other hand, had a significant fall throughout March and April. This number is currently trading at 1.18 million after beginning to rise once more. Shiba inu’s owners are not equally distributed and at the time of writing, only 100 people, or 0.008% of holders, possessed the majority of shiba. These 100 people hold 81% of the shares in shiba. The burn wallet of Ethereum developer contains 45% of the initial one quadrillion shiba, is also included in CoinMarketCap’s equation.

Who owns the most shiba inu coin?

The largest shiba inu coin holder still trading has a wallet with 48.7 trillion tokens or 4.87% of the initial one quadrillion supply. Despite the focus on shiba being a decentralized, community-led token, with a current total supply of 589.7 trillion, that translates to 28% of the supply being controlled by just ten wallets.

Winding up

Hopefully, you will learn about how many holders shiba inu has. Shiba inu has seen extreme movement in past trade, similar to many other cryptocurrencies, and it has a large user base. There is still a sizable amount of shiba in circulation despite Buterin burning 45% of the supply, making it unlikely that the price will drop below $1.

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