April 23, 2024

How to Draw A Star Easily

Draw A Star

How to Draw A Star. A star is something everyone would know as we have all seen it in the night sky. Although we’ve all seen the original, even a star symbol is instantly recognizable.

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It can be a sign of a job well done, or even that you’re famous! The star symbol looks easy, but it can take time to get. So if you want to learn how to draw a star, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve created this simple guide to drawing a star in 7 easy steps to make it easier than ever!

How to Draw A Star

Step 1

Let’s start with something simple but important for our first step in this guide to drawing a star.

I highly recommend using a ruler while simultaneously working on the outline of your star to ensure the dimensions are consistent.

We’ll draw the first part of your star design, starting by drawing what looks like a bottomless triangle.

For simplicity, we call each part of the star an arm.

Try to leave a curve where the lines end, as you can see in the reference image since that’s where you’ll connect the other sides.

Step 2

In the next few steps, we’ll replicate the first arm of the starfish that you drew in Step 1.

To keep the arms approximately the same length, measure the length of the lines forming the first arm of the star and then make sure the lines forming the other arms are the same length.

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Step 3

For the third step in drawing the star, we’ll draw the right arm of the star.

This should be easier since you’re creating a mirror image of the left arm, so you know what angle it should be.

Remember that measuring the length of the other arm will help match that arm’s length with the rest.

Step 4

In step 4 of this How to Draw a Star guide, we will add the lower right arm of the star. Drawing the other three should be a lot easier with everything you learned!

Getting the angle right is the hardest part, but keeping your measurements consistent and referring to the reference image can be a lot easier! With a little preparation and practice, you will succeed.

Step 5

You’ve come this far and almost made it! This should be the easiest star arm to draw since you can use the other arms as a guide.

Finding the right angle for the arms can be tricky, so you can pencil your star first and then touch it up with a pen when you’re happy.

If you use a pencil first, make sure the ink you draw on it is dry before erasing the pencil! Erasing too early can smudge the ink, so it’s important to take this step slowly.

Step 6

Now that your star shape is ready, you can customize it and make it your own!

We’ve shown how to personalize your star with a smiley face, so feel free to continue with that or draw your faces!

You can also draw some fun patterns or even leave them blank. At that point, it’s up to you! We can’t wait to see you finish your star design.

Step 7

Your drawing of the star is complete; all you have to do is bring it to life with some pretty colors!

We’ve shown one way you can color your star drawing, but you should let your creativity run wild for this step!

Will you go for a traditional bright yellow or bring your design to life with bright, bold colors?

You can also experiment with different artistic mediums to create amazing color variations.

Using acrylic paints, watercolors, crayons, and pencils can help you achieve any look or mood you can imagine!

We can’t wait to see what colors, art mediums, and styles you choose to complement your awesome star designs!

Your Star Drawing is Finished!

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