June 13, 2024
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MIST TO PHP currency conversion

What is Mist (MIST)?

It is an open world Role playing game with dynamic combat that will be familiar to those with the experience of MMORPGs or genre. Mist is an large scale and a impressive project with many keywords that the blockchain gaming experts want to.

How does it works?

Just like any other gameplay, Mist also has their own tokens called MIST tokens. MIST tokens are used for purchasing and swap NFTs in game and outside the game world. For more details, the team of developers states that there will be game auction houses that allow players to list their NFTs for sale and exchange them for indicated amount of the MIST token . Single Mist token is  priced at PHP 87. The Objective of Scythe is to design a self-governing ecosystem that uses the high optimization through the principles of artificial intelligence, which means they plan to combine AI agents that will regulate the price of each tool, item, mineral and crafting material.


The current rate of Mist is ₱0.71 per MIST. The amount of Mist has fallen by ₱1,488,004.51 in the last 1 day, which is a 74.23% decrease. In addition to that, in the last 1 day, ₱2,004,558.73 worth of MIST has been traded.

The current rate of 1 MIST is ₱0.71 PHP. In other words, to buy 10 Mist, it would cost you around ₱7.1 PHP. Inversely, ₱1.00 PHP would allow to trade for 1.41 MIST while ₱50.00 PHP would convert to 70.39 MIST, not including any fees.

In the last 1 week, the exchange rate has increased by 1.39%. While, in the last 1 day, the exchange rate has changed by 4.46%, which means that the highest exchange rate of 1 MIST to PHP was 0.013385423365142368 PHP and the lowest 24 hour value was 1 MIST for 0.012618107810827728 PHP. This time last month, the value of 1 MIST was ₱0.71 PHP, which is 0.44% increase from where it is now.

Final Words

As a result, those are mentioned above are about MIST and how does it work, how to convert MIST to PHP. It is an world role playing game with the dynamic combat that will be familiar to those with the experience of MMORPGs or genre.

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