July 16, 2024

NEP 2020: How NCF Shapes Indian Education

National Curriculum Framework

The national curriculum framework is a set of guidelines that helps in planning education and its development based on the instructions given by NEP 2020. It gives a framework for every class from pre-primary to higher secondary education. It includes different areas such as pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment, learning outcomes, and different types of school programs.

The national curriculum framework will have a huge impact on the Indian education system as it decides the sets of standard benchmarks that will help the educational institutes to offer an advanced educational experience to the students. Here’s how it shapes the Indian Education system.

Skill-based learning-

The traditional method of education involved teachers giving instructional knowledge to the students in the classroom. This method is based on rote learning. The students would learn everything in the syllabus and score well on the exam.

However, the national curriculum framework is focused on skill-based learning. It aims to offer education through different activities and interactions in the classroom. Further, the system encourages the teachers to conduct interactive sessions in the classroom to help the students learn better and remember the concepts through different means of storytelling, discussions, and debates.

Further, it focuses on the development of professionalism and moral education among students. It prioritizes projects, assignments, internships, and other such experiences for learning rather than just classroom education.

Implementation of E-learning-

The rise in technological advancements is encouraging institutes to adopt smart methods of management and teaching-learning activities in the institute that helps students to access educational courses remotely. This is increasing the literacy rate across the country owing to the increasing penetration of smartphones and the availability of the internet even in remote areas.

It eliminates the barrier of physical location and affordability for students to access education. E-learning software has made it possible to deliver lectures online and conduct online examinations of students. They also gain degree certificates on passing the exam. This has brought major changes in the ways of learning across the institutes.

Teacher’s Education-

The national curriculum framework focuses on training and upgrading the teachers to be technologically sound and well-versed in the concepts of different subjects and ways of teaching. They must upgrade their knowledge and skills frequently to offer high standards of education for the students. Further, they should be provided with materials and resources that will help them grow in various aspects. This will help to improve student retention rates in the institutes.

Education flexibility-

The NEP 2020 focuses on offering educational flexibility to students through a multi-disciplinary approach to education. This system allows the students to enroll in any course from any institute to gain skills and knowledge.

Further, it does not limit students’ education to one field of study such as science, commerce, and arts. It means the student from Science can enroll in a course in drama or acting. It helps the students to go towards unconventional career paths through conventional means.

Analysis Patterns-

In the traditional methods of education, the students study for exams through their books and attempt the exam. They are scored on their performance in exams. This method focused on rote-based learning methods among the students that did not focus on skill development.

Now the NEP 2020 is focused on conducting a 360-degree analysis of the students in the class. Before grading the student, they don’t just consider their exam performance, but also consider their internships, project experiences, group activities, professionalism, moral values, and others. Hence, the student is evaluated completely.

Improved Infrastructure-

The NEP 2020 focuses on offering advanced infrastructure to students that are rich in technology and innovation so that they get hands-on experience in using the ERP campus solutions. Further, it focuses on offering advanced equipment and resources for a good educational experience to the students.


The national curriculum framework is focused on enhancing the entire educational system and offering advanced experiences to students. It aims to offer vocational courses for better learning. The students can also complete the course in any language they want. This way, the NEP 2020 has brought major changes in education policy.

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