July 16, 2024
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A free play-to-earn NFT game, Plant vs Undead, is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. It begins with a mother tree and five plants, each participant can grow these to produce light energy, which can then be traded for PVU tokens. In the game Plant vs Undead, players must create an army of plants to destroy the undead creatures in their gardens. The zombies can be attacked as they move further down the field by scattering their plants in any pattern they want. In this post, you can see about Plant vs Undead and how to convert PVU to Php:

What is plant vs undead?

A free online multiplayer game called Plant vs Undead was developed on the BSC network. The setting for the game is a planet called Plant. Numerous diverse plant species must be raised on this planet. To combat the undead, the player must collect seeds and nurture plants.

The game begins with a mother tree that protects the player from undead creatures and six non-NFT plants that can be planted and raised. Players can also buy PVU tokens to buy seeds and planting equipment in addition to these free resources. They can even buy fully grown plants for their gardens on the secondary market.

How to convert PVU to Php?

There was a lot of buzz around Plant vs Undead. Since the game offers prizes, players can trade them for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies on several exchanges and use them in the game’s internal market. By utilising a currency converter online, you may convert PVU to Php. The covert rate of 1 PVU is 0.52 Php, and the covert rate of 1000 PVU is 518.48 Php. A total of 35,027,505.692 PVU are in use.

How to get PVU in Plant Vs Undead?

A player gains more PVU tokens the more battles they manage to win. Players who successfully fend off the Undead receive airdropped PVU tokens. Additionally, they can obtain light energy crystals in other game types, like farming, that can be exchanged for money on the NFT market.

Watering the world tree is an additional means of earning PVU tokens. To be eligible to win PVU tokens or rare NFTs, players from all over the world volunteer to water it together using the game’s water asset. Every day, water must be added to the world tree, and the reward pool grows as more players take part.

PVU Price Analysis

The PVU is plants vs undead ecosystem’s in-game and governance token. PVU is a BSC-20 token necessary to the game and may be used to purchase mother trees and plants. PVU tokens are required for both in-game and NFT marketplace transactions. Most of the tokens are given out to players via their rewards system. Players that win survival games and advance the world tree will receive PVU tokens from the rewards pool.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, you will learn about what is plants vs undead and how to convert PVU to Php. PVU is the token issued while playing the plant vs undead game. With the help of an online currency converter, you can convert PVU to Php.

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