May 20, 2024
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The highly popular NFT game Axie infinity accepts the ERC-20 token smooth love potion. The Axie infinity player’s economic structure depends on it, and it is easily accessible and unrestricted. The SLP token is an ERC-20 standard based on Ethereum, and the game is built on the Ethereum network. If a player spends a lot of time playing the game, they may eventually amass enough SLP to consider selling it for fiat money. While participating in a number of blockchain-based game metaverses being developed by different enterprises, players have the opportunity to earn real money. The smooth love potion ERC-20 token serves as the medium of exchange for the Axie infinity awards. SLP tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that may be traded on decentralized exchanges. SLP enables the production of new Axies, which can subsequently be exchanged for NFTs on the Axie Infinity market.

How does SLP work?

Axie infinity’s in-game currency is known as smooth love potion. It is a limitless supply of ERC-20 gaming tokens. More than 3 billion SLP were in use as of November 2021, increasing the market value to 197 million US dollars.

You can gain SLP by participating in the game’s daily quests, battles, and adventures. Players can begin breeding their special Axies once they have amassed several SLP coins.

Each Axie’s breeding expense varies depending on how many breeds are already present in the neighborhood, according to Smooth Love Potion.

SLP uses a burning method as an alternative payment method. All SLP tokens will be destroyed after the Axie breeding process is finished.

Given the games daily SLP farming cap, players should rush to acquire breeding advantages, which will raise the demand for tokens. SLP prices fluctuate due to market forces such as supply and demand.

SLP is more than just a medium of commerce for purchasing virtual animals in the Axie infinity metaverse.

You must also inform that there are numerous ways to earn SLP in Axie infinity in addition to the SLP to PHP conversion.

When a player gains a new level or defeats an enemy when affiliated with an Axis, they are awarded this token. On the other hand, owners can exchange SLP for cryptocurrency on exchanges.

SLP to PHP calculator: How many PHP is there in an SLP?

Smooth love potion market price is constantly changing. If you want to know the current price of SLP and how many PHP are in 1 SLP, you must provide it.

If you wish to convert SLP to PHP right now, the rate was calculated using the international currency exchange rate, which also acts as the SLP to PHP calculator.

When the exchange rate between one SLP and twenty PHP hit one, the price of PHP achieved its all-time high. NFT gaming and Axie infinity were the topics of many conversations at the time.

Wrapping it up:

Currency trading has long been possible. Because of cryptocurrencies, it has surely altered and expanded to become much more inclusive. If you manage or play Axie infinity, consider trading and converting SLP to PHP as an additional source of income. However, you should continually consider the dangers and screen out any bitcoin fraud.

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