May 20, 2024

Tips for Organizing Online Entrance Exams With the School Management System

School Management System

The advent of online entrance exams has fundamentally changed many institutions. This has made the process more efficient, safer and more convenient for professors and applicants. But its adoption was optional. But the pandemic has gone from a choice to a necessity. In the past two years, many schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions have adopted the policy of evaluating candidates and selecting the right candidates.

In addition to distinguishing the best school management system candidates from the rest, entrance exams are very important in determining your intelligence, talents, interests and more. We understand the importance of entrance exams for educational institutions and have developed advanced systems to administer them efficiently.

If your educational institution receives far more applications than the places available, the only way to select the best students is to take an entrance exam. In this blog, we share useful tips and effective ways to pass the entrance exams efficiently.


The former can be better managed than the latter for many reasons. We have listed a few below.

Security: Online entrance exams are less likely to leak paper than offline exams.

Fast Results – One of the biggest limitations of offline quizzes is the time it takes to report results. With an online exam, the process is quick and accurate.

Minimal logistics and exam costs: Online exam costs are significantly lower than offline exam costs.

No physical presence of candidates required: This is extremely advantageous for candidates who live in remote areas and do not have the resources to take the exams in a physical location.

Good for subjective exams: Online exams support multiple-choice questions, but are also good for subjective questions.

Efficient Oversight: Automated webcam monitoring and control is much more efficient than the presence of a human invigilator, as they can oversee the general activities of examinees during the exam process.

Simplification of the oral exam: online or oral exams for a large number of candidates because offline. All your answers can be saved at once and reviewed later.

Analysis and classification of results: These are quick and easy in online exams, either a general analysis or a breakdown and classification by subject.

Flexible exam management: Online exams provide flexibility in designing, testing, and scoring exams for different candidates.

Safe for teachers and students: Online entrance exams are also safe for teachers and students during an unprecedented situation, such as a global pandemic or unrest in a specific region.


Are you considering online entrance exams for your educational institution? You can run it effectively in the following ways:


First, you need to identify the basic entrance exam software requirements. Ideally, it should be structured around the program or course you offer. After that, you need to find a reliable school management system provider who can provide your institution with the right online exam software.


Once you’ve found a reliable service provider, you need to find easy-to-use entrance exam software that allows you to:

Define the evaluation model: do you expect subjective or objective evaluations?

Establishing Test Rules: It regulates the entire test process.

Determine the timing and necessity of examinations.

Set up online registration and payment procedures

The next step is to set up an online registration process so that applicants can register and receive payments. Once the payment is confirmed, you can download the hall tickets.

Online online monitoring;

Online proctoring software allows instructors to monitor candidates and their on-screen performance while the exam is in progress. It will eliminate the possibility of behavior and authority.

Automatic calculation of marks;

Calculating test scores automatically can be tedious and time-consuming for teachers. However, online test software automatically calculates scores accurately.

Determine the weights and cut for each section

Online tests allow you to set the cut-off weightages and percentages for each section, according to which you can accept the eligible candidates and reject the unsuccessful ones.

View results online;

Online entrance test software provides quick and accurate results, eliminating the possibility of manual errors.

As a result,

Online entrance tests are affordable, flexible and scalable to test a large number of candidates. It can be used to conduct subjective, objective and psychometric tests. Each type of assessment can be designed to analyze candidates in a variety of areas, including aptitude, talent, academic knowledge and skills.

We can provide an efficient ERP solution for schools that allows you to design and manage entrance exams and simplify the process of selecting the best school management software system candidates. Contact our team of experts to find out how we can help your administration and faculty and how we can help your candidates take exams from anywhere.

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