April 13, 2024
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Vis to PHP: Convert Vigorus Coin in Philippine Peso


Are you thinking about buying gaming currency for functional purposes? Do you have the necessary gameplay and upgrade skills? Are you adept at negotiating prices while buying and selling in-game items? The Pegaxy game may be ideal for you at that point. The Pegaxy game comprises Vis tokens, well-known in the cryptocurrency market. Even though most Vis trading pairs are presently priced in dollars, users in the Philippines can narrow the value of the Vis to PHP conversion rate in real-time on the best platforms. Filipino users may now use the free converter to convert the price of Vigorus into Philippine Pesos and receive real-time updates on the value of VIS.

What is VIS?

VIS Coin is supported by a polygon blockchain, enabling scalability and faster transaction times. VIS was inspired by the racing video game Pegasus galaxy. The legendary equine Pegasus is descended from the Pegasi. Vigorus is a native token that winners of the Pegaxy platform race receive in addition to a Vigorus currency.

Pegaxy, an NFT-based play-to-earn horse racing game with a futuristic mythological theme, uses the ERC-20 utility token VIS. It was built on the Polygon chain and is named after the Pega, the ancestors of the majestic Pegasus.

The PGX’s initial dex offering, which included the release of the 5,000 NFTs that made up the founding Pegas, took place in October 2021. Players can use their Pega in PvP mode to compete against other players to earn VIS.

The Pegaxy economy uses two native tokens. Along with VIS, the governance token PGX is used for platform staking and native market purchases and sells. Additionally, PGX can be instantly converted into other fiat currencies, such as the Philippine Peso.

Working process of VIS:

  • You must finish all eleven horse races and place in the top three to receive Vis to PHP. For VIS, you must play Pegaxy.
  • Buying game-related goods
  • Through in-game breeding fees
  • Putting stakes in local treasures
  • By placing in the top three in the horse race and in-game trading currency

How to buy it?

  • Join a fiat marketplace and buy Bitcoin
  • The AltCoin exchange must be funded using BTC.
  • Trade to VIS for BTC

Vigorus price prediction:

Over the last 24 hours, the cost of VIS to PHP has grown by 2.00%. The bitcoin market is tough because it requires knowledge and skill and is unstable in terms of price fluctuation.

1 VIS was worth 0.01 PHP last month, a 27.64% increase over its current value. Vigorus has improved by 2.74 PHP in the previous 12 months. As a result, the Vigorus value has dropped by 99.8% in just one year.

Check out what the best industry experts and market analysts say about what Vigorus will likely cost.

Bottom Line:

The VIS currency has just been launched with the pegaxy project. The VIS has an excellent beginning value in the NFT market compared to other NFTs introduced at a very low value. You must wait a time as a new NFT before researching the Vis to PHP market trend.

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