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Bangalore, Silicon valley of India is famous for its nightlife and parks. People love to settle and plan trip to Bangalore. When people come on a trip to Bangalore, they surely need an appartment or resort to live in. Many businessman, couples, royal families came who need luxury resorts near their destination site. 


Weekend getaway from Bangalore

A weekend getaway from banglore means a small holiday trip to Bangalore. Couples choose this place as their honeymoon trip. Businessman come with his faculties in a business trip as well as to spend a weekend for their refreshment. Some resorts perfect for weekend getaway are

  • Heaven’s Gate Villa at coonoor have very stylish interior look designed by best interior designers. Every room has high facilities and well decorated. Indoor games are available in every rooms for entertainment of guests. This villa contain a common dining place where everyone can enjoy their food. Every room is about 224 sq.ft. attached to balcony. It offers free breakfast to guests.
  • Wonderla resort is very luxurious and belong to wonderla amusement park in its backyard. This resort contain spa, gym, sports court, outdoor pool beside a well spaced living room and restaurant. People get refreshment. 
  • Eagleton resort which is 34 km away from Bangalore is one of the unique resort as it deals with world class golf course. It has a poolside barbique and coffee parlours. People enjoy here with their loved ones a lot. 
  • The windflower prakruthi is one of the 5 star luxury resorts of Bangalore where family function takes place. It is very beautiful and provides first class service to people. It provide free wifi to people inside the resort. 
  • Olde resort is very eco friendly in nature and people feel peace, calm which motivate them to do meditation also. It provides mouth watering lunch. This place is 30 km away from Bangalore. 
  • Angsana Oasis and spa resort which provides such a natural and beautiful environment that people forget themselves in that. The infrastructure of this hotel is also best for holding events. By the name, it also provide best spa service to people. 
  • Shreyas yoga retreat is the classic one which is as well as luxurious. This place is suitable for yoga and also practices. It is unique as it give spaces to 25 guests at a time only and the most important thing is alcohol, smoking are restricted here. This place provides internal peace. 
  • Holiday village resort which is 15.5 km away from Bangalore provide the mesmerizing scene of environment that include greenery look and flora. 
  • Palm meadows club contain 78 rooms with modern facilities and suitable for arranging family functions.
  • Royal orchid resort is a sanctuary where people get rid of their stresses. They get calm which help them to reach peaceful environment. This is one of the best resort which give all comfort to people. 
  • Goldfinch retreat is the place which is suitable for enjoyment of loved ones. This resort give refreshment with the drink. 
  • Guhantara resort is one of the best resorts that provides people to arrange family function, conference, business meetings, house spa, etc. The rooms are well designed that add live in that paintings. 


Best luxurious resorts

Beside the above resorts, there are other luxurious resorts that people prefer to sign in which provide them best facilities. Resorts are Park hotel and resort, Sreegandha nest resort, VRR hotel, Bannerghatta nature camp by jungle lodges, Fantasy golf resort, Vistar resort and hotel, KSTDC hotel mayura nisarga pearl valley, Guhantara an underground resort, La marvella, Zip by spree hotel at woodrose club, Ramanashree California resort, Gold coins club and resort, Grand savoury suits, Clarks exotica resort and spa, Signature club resort, Ramee guestline hotel, Radiant resort and The Ritz Carlton spa. Among those, The Ritz Carlton spa is the best one. Every resort provide first class service to people. The resorts also provide facilities like spa, indoor games, sports court, different types of specialised food,etc. People never get bored and get leisure time while lodging in resort. They spend quality time with their family members and loved ones. Some resorts like provide best arrangements for family function and any celebrations. People forget themselves and put leg into their fantasy world which help them to create sweet memories and keep away from the rush of the world. 



People choose their satisfaction resort near their destination place. They get the best services of their preferable resort. They enjoy with their co partners and forget their worries. They must sign out the resort by giving some comments about the resorts. 


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