July 16, 2024
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BTCV to ZAR: Convert Bitcoin Vault to ZAR


What is Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)?

Bitcoin Vault is a decentralized cryptocurrency that allow its users to alter a transaction on blockchain. It investigate to secure the user’s funds and solve the problems of cryptocurrency theft, frauds, errors etc.

It gives users the freedom to manage their assets, it comes with extra layer security, which provides a big edge. Mainly, BTCV launched a 3 key security solution that allow its users to create the 3 ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms) keys. These keys perform different roles in Bitcoin Vault ecosystem on new wallets or pre-existing. These keys are known by the name Standard transaction key, Cancel transaction key and Fast transaction key. Standard transaction key allow the users to initiate or recover a wallet, while cancel transaction key enable the users to cancel the transaction within 24 hours. At the end, the Fast transaction key that  allows its users to perform the transactions within a few minutes.

How to store the keys?

These 3 private keys should be stored in separate locations. As long as these keys are safe BTCVs 3-Keys Security solution greatly enhances safety as it introduces the features that allow the back of the transactions within 24 hours time period.

So, the keys must be kept in a safe place to stop the unauthorized transfer to third parties. Still, it is a good idea to store them offline rather than online.

Convert BTCV to ZAR

The current price of BTCV is ZAR 52.02 per BTCV. With the circulatory supply of 0 BTCV, it means that BTCV has a total market cap of ZAR 0.00. The amount of BTCV traded has fallen by ZAR 21,514.11 in last 1 day, which means 33.10% decrease. Additionally, in the 1 day, ZAR 65,001.22 worth of BTCV has been traded.

The current rate of 1 BTCV = ZAR 52.02 ZAR. Which means to buy 5 BTCV it would cost you around ZAR 260.12 ZAR. Oppositely ZAR 1.00 ZAR would allow you to trade for 0.0192 BTCV while ZAR 50.00 ZAR would convert to 0.9611 BTCV, not including any fees.

In the last 1 week, the exchange rate has increased by 8.41%. Meanwhile, in the last 1 day, the rate has changed by 3.28% which means that the highest exchange rate of 1 BTCV to ZAR  was 2.9720551202996104 ZAR and the minimum value from last 24 was 1 BTCV for 2.8196817287670344 ZAR. This last month, the value of 1 BTCV was ZAR 44.57 ZAR          , which means 16.72% decrease where it is now. Last year, BTCV has changed by ZAR 37.30 ZAR. Which means tat in 1 year, the value of BTCV has reduced by 41.76%.

Price analysis of Bitcoin Vault

The price of Bitcoin vault is $2.83 today with the 24 hours trading volume of $3,443. This shows -0.63% price decline in the last 24 hours and a -0.31% price decline in last 7 days. With the circulating supply of 0 BTCV.

Final Thoughts

As a result, those mentioned are about Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) and how it works, how to convert BTCV TO ZAR. As mentioned above, it is a decentralized cryptocurrency that allow its users to alter a transaction on blockchain.

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