May 29, 2024
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zoon to php

Currently, Digital pets are the latest trend in the world of Blockchain gaming. We have see many games like Axie Infinity and Genopets using digital pets and monsters in their ecosystem. CryptoZoon is a game which is also based on the Binance Smart Chain.

What is CryptoZoon (ZOON)?

CryptoZoon is a blockchain- based popular Play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that allows the players to collect and fight cutesy creature, known as ZOAN’s, for a chance to win variety of awards.  The CryptoZoon game is set in the universe where calm cutesy creatures were killed by resource-harvesting race of the foes known as Yaki.

It was originally launched following an (IDO) initial DEX offering during which 25% of the supply was sold for 800 BNB.

ZOON is the native utility token of the platform. It has the variety of functions within the CryptoZoon ecosystem- as it is the both the token used for purchasing and hatching eggs and the main reward token for the battle system.

In total, 43% of the ZOON supply is allocated to the game play to earn the features.

How does it works?

The platform is based on (BSC) Binance Smart Chain, which make it secure and accessible to the users who are familiar with Ethereum- based  DApps. As it stands players can connect to the app using Walletconnect or MetaMask.

To begin playing CryptoZoon, players needs one or more than one ZOAN’s. These can be hatched from the eggs, which are available from cryptoZoon  for a variable cost, or they can be purchased from the hatched ZOAN from the peer-to-peer marketplace.


The ZOON to PHP Conversion rate for today is ₱1.0448 and has increased by 4.09 % in last 1 day.

The current price of CryptoZoon is increasing because ZOOM us up 1.73% in last 1 month.

How to play CryptoZoon?

  • Players need to connect their cryptowallet to the game to start playing. CryptoZoon needs only one ZOAN monster to start playing. The monsters can be found at the marketplace of the cryptoZoon mobile app or in the game shop.
  • ZOAN monsters are ranked on their rarity from 1 to 6. Higher the rarity greater will be the amount the user is eligible to earn. Players can obtain the rare monsters by purchasing the eggs through which the random monster will emerge. Sometimes, players just get lucky. They can also buy them directly in game’s marketplace.
  • After buying one, users can immediately start and experience the complete game play.
  • Users have to actively complete daily quests to obtain more ZOONs and generate profit.
  • Players can utilize these ZOONs to acquire more ZOANs that belongs to the higher level to increase their profits with CryptoZoon.

Final Words

As a result, those mentioned above are about CryptoZoon and how it works, how to convert ZOON to PHP and How to play CryptoZoon. ZOON is the native utility token of the platform. It has the variety of functions within the cryptoZoon ecosystem.

Hope this article has helped you to clearly understand CryptoZoon and how to convert ZOON to PHP.

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