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What is CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT role-playing game. The game was developed by the engineers from the Riveted Games and was originally launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) system . It is build on a dynamic rewarding system, which rewards the players with SKILL tokens after taking parts in the game challenges.

Players will mainly win SKILL tokens when completing in game raids and defeating the powerful foes. In addition, participants have the ability to boost their gaming experience and win more tokens. Participants can hire unique weapons and characters giving them an edge on their challenger.

Unique system of CryptoBlades allow players to improve weapons, increase overall power and trade weapons and characters on open marketplace. SKILL holders can also stake their  token and earn more.


SKILL is the utility token within cryptoblades ecosystem. The SKILL token is the token responsible for the activities and transactions in cryptoblades. Through SKILL token, players can purchase characters, weapons and participate in marketplace. Currently, there are total 1,000,000 SKILL tokens in supply.


The current value of cryptoblades is ₱52.27 per SKILL.

The current rate of 1 SKILL is ₱52.27 PHP. In other words, to buy 10 cryptoblades, it would cost you around  ₱522.7 PHP. Differently ₱1.00 PHP would allow you to trade for 0.0191 SKILL while ₱ 50.00 PHP would convert to 0.9566 SKILL, without including any fees.

In last 1 week the exchange rate has increased by 13.65%. Now in the last 1 day the rate has changed by 2.33 % which means the highest exchange rate of 1 SKILL TO PHP was 0.9901958052184362 PHP and the lowest value within 24 hours was 1 SKILL for 0.948683525593382 PHP. Last month 1 SKILL was ₱ 54.91 PHP. Which is at 4.81% increase from now.

How to play Cryptoblades (SKILL)?

It  is a web-based gaming platform that needs an active internet connection and registered account to play.

BSC, Binance smart chain is where cryptoblades contracts  are execute. To pay transaction fees players require a specific quantity of BNB coin in their wallets. Their wallets must be efficient to store both SKILL and BNB tokens.

When it comes to the game, players use strong weapons to destroy their enemies and earn SKILLS tokens. Players may use their tokens to create weapons of several levels of power and mint character.

Cryptoblades (SKILL) Price Analysis

According to the current price prediction of Cryptoblades (SKILL), the value is likely to drop by -8.74% and reach at $0.880218 by 30 March 2023. According to technical indicators, the current sentiment of cryptoblades is bearish while the Greed & Fear index is showing 64(Greed).

The price prediction of SKILL is last updated on 25 March 2023 at 1:20 PM.

Final Words

As a result those are mentioned above are about Cryptoblades(SKILLS), how it works and how to convert SKILL to PHP. SKILL is a utility token with a cryptoblades ecosystem. The SKILL token is the instrument responsible for the activities and transactions in cryptoblades.

Hope this article has helped you to understand how to convert SKILL to PHP clearly.


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