April 23, 2024

Thetan Coin to PHP

theta coin

What is Thetan Arena (THG)?

Created by WolfFun, Thetan Arena is an blockchain- based e-game available on Android ,PC and iOS devices. Players can gather their friends or family members, make a team, battle with other players and earn token awards with your skills. This gameplay is designed to reflect the combination of your teamwork and personal skills. Players can challenge themselves with different game modes: Battle Royale and MOBA coming with attractive rewards and monthly updates.

You are guaranteed a gaming experience that not ever been known before and also guaranteed to lose to anyone the second you pause fighting, too. Gear up your heroes with the large selection of hundreds of weapons. You’d better come up with a excellent strategy as well  because the most fierce war awaiting you right from the moment that spaceship drops you off on the battlefield.

What is Thetan Coin (THC)?

Thetan coin (THC) is the main currency used in the Thetan Arena’s operations.

Thetan coin is used in the following activities:

To Buy Thetan Box:

Thetan box is the source of hero for entire Arena system.

To reward the streamers:

Thetan coin can be use to reward the streamers when they stream games.

Thetan Coin to PHP

THC to PHP conversion rate for today is ₱0.07935 and the rate in last 24 hours has increased by 0.27.

The current price direction of THC is decreasing because Thetan coin is down 37.05% in last 1 month.

How to play Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena offers several gaming modes including:

Battle Royale:

This battle involve a big battle between 42 players or 21 players duo, so you can be either the last player standing or survive with the help of your team player.

Super Star:

This fast moving mode needs defending your team, capturing the super star before your competitor, and collecting points.

Death Match:

In this match players come together in groups of four and battle against each other. The winning team is the one that scores the most kills.

Tower Destroy:

This mode is inspired by traditional MOBA games, that sends you and your team charging toward the competitor base and bringing down their nexus before they do.

When you will join the ecosystem, you will get a free hero named Raidon, who starts at the level 1. During the matches heroes can level up and their aspect will increase. There are 3 types of heroes- Assassin, Tank and Marksman. Heroes also vary in their level of rarity- Common, epic and legendary.

Thetan Coin Price Analysis

Thetan Coin’s today price is US$0.001464 with a 24 hour trading volume of $9,952. Thetan coin is +0.91% in the last 24 hours. It is currently -25.48% from its 1 week all time high of $0.001964 and 2.58% from its 1 week low of $0.001427. Thetan coin has maximum supply of 20 M THC.

Final Words

As a result those are mentioned above are about Thetan coin and how it works, how to convert Thetan Coin to PHP, How to play Thetan arena and Thetan coin price analysis. Thetan coin is the main currency used in the Thetan Arena’s operations.

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